Group Shooting Sessions, Schedule Additions, Updates Update – May 10, 2022

Greetings, Lightchasers! Coming at you today with some exciting news on group shooting sessions and an update on…well, updates!

Due to the nature of email providers we know that unfortunately, some of you haven’t been receiving our updates on the conference. We’re hoping a quick tweak we made will ensure that more of you are seeing this one and will continue to get all of our emails going forward. For those who may have missed our updates, either here or via our Facebook Page, we have added an UPDATES section on the website that covers all of the news we’ve sent out so far. Should you have any questions about any of these updates, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Next up, we know a lot of you were hoping for group shoots to take place at the conference we’re very excited to announce details of the several group photo shoots that will now be happening at the conference! We feel like these shoots are the last puzzle piece of our already amazing Lightchasers Conference being put in place.

First up, our sponsor The Camera Store will be hosting a Nature Photography Walk, 7 – 9 PM Saturday, May 28th which will depart from the Heritage Inn Lobby: on this walk attendees will take in the sights and photograph nature along the Pincher Creek pathway. The Camera Store team will offer some tips and tricks for capturing nature from birds, to close-ups of the early signs of spring. They will also have a few accessories and tools on hand for you to try out. No driving is required, departure is right from the Heritage Inn Lobby.

And next up are multiple group shooting sessions hosted by our title sponsor, Fujifilm! These sessions take place at some gorgeous locations within 30 mins of Pincher Creek and are open to anyone, whether you’re shooting with or trying out Fujifilm’s cameras for the weekend! Fujifilm’s team will be bringing coffee and donuts and there’s a good chance some of our presenters will be present at these sessions as well!

Fujifilm’s group sessions are each limited to 50 people and advance sign up is required, either by responding to this email or at the conference on our sign up sheets. The times and locations are as follows:

-Good Morning with Fujifilm! Saturday at 7 AM at Lundbreck Falls

-Sunset with Fujifilm! Saturday at 8 PM at Butcher Lake

-Late Night with Fujifilm! Saturday at 11:59 PM at Bathing Lake

-Good Morning with Fujifilm! Sunday at 7 AM at Lundbreck Falls

With the exception of the Late Night shoot, we will be trying to limit attendees to one Fuji group session per person to ensure everyone has a chance to participate. Additional spots may open closer to the event, at which point we will let people know at the conference. 

In addition to hosting these sessions, Fujifilm will be bringing 25 GFX cameras for conference attendees to try in the field over the weekend! If you’re interested in test-driving a GFX at the conference, you must sign up in advance using THIS LINK

Those who have pre-registered or who are interested in a Touch and Try demo of the GFX cameras are invited to come to Fujifilm’s Pop Up Camera Bar on Friday at 7:30pm at our official after hours venue, The General’s Quarters!

And lastly, two more quick additions to the schedule:

We will be opening the conference room on Friday the 27th at 3pm to attendees for a little mixer so people can hang out and get to know one another a little better before everything starts.

And for those who entered our photo contest, Lightchasers organizer Shane Turgeon will be hosting a constructive critique session for any entrants who wish to know how their images did and who would like feedback on how to make their images stronger. This session will take place between 8 and 930pm on Friday the 27th at The General’s Quarters and will be first come, first served.