Lightchasers 2023 Full Schedule!

I’m so excited to unveil our full 2023 Lightchasers Nature Photography Conference schedule for you today! Putting together an event like this, especially in the early years, is very much like putting together a puzzle without knowing what the final picture is and only getting a few pieces each week. Eventually you end up with a beautiful result but seeing the big picture takes time and requires all of the pieces falling into place. I appreciate your patience while I worked with all of our many brand and community partners, presenters and special guests to make this event truly special for us all!


Without further ado, allow me to present the 2023 schedule and all of the exciting breakout sessions we have in store, including our Brand Expo, Tech Talks, portfolio reviews and field sessions!




For a detailed look at all of our various Breakout Sessions and what they’ll entail, please follow this link:



And lastly, for a detailed look at each of the amazing talks our presenters will be giving, please follow this link:




​As you can see, each day includes our Brand Expo which continues through our lunch break to allow everyone ample opportunity to chat with all of our brand partners, see their demos as well as take part in the Tech Talks led by McBain GM Rene Rodrigue. Saturday and Sunday morning as well as Saturday evening also offer several field sessions which require advance sign up. Please note our sessions are limited to two per attendee to allow everyone a chance to participate in a couple. And if you’re more of a solo shooter and wish to explore on your own, please don’t feel compelled to attend these sessions. We want everyone to experience the area in the manner that works best for them. 


Some tweaks and more information will still be made to the schedule as we get closer to the dates of the event and more updates will be forthcoming (including this year’s shirt pre-order!). As you can see, there’s a lot of info on each page so please make sure you look it over closely and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll answer as quickly as I can.


Also, don’t forget that our photo contest closes in just over two weeks (May 1st)! We’ve already seen some great submissions and look forward to seeing even more!